Analytics Strategy

By pooling our collective knowledge of the best market practices from years of experience working across diverse industries, our leadership team here at PARC has developed and refined an analytics strategy from the ground up – which serves as the cornerstone of our service offering.

What we’ve constructed provides our clients with a powerful solution that doesn’t just focus on a single pointed solution, architecture, application or group of technologies. Instead, we begin each client’s journey to becoming data-driven by helping them construct a clearly-defined, all-encompassing analytics strategy that prioritizes more than just technologies.

This top-to-bottom blueprint aligns directly with the long-term vision you have for your business, and rigorously maps out the overall impact it will have across the entire company. This includes your existing processes, your people, the current competitive landscape and the corporate culture that will greatly shape your rejuvenated data-driven organization.


Our first, most important task is to expertly design a strategic vision for your organization’s analytics infrastructure. This all-encompassing plan is customized to the specific needs of your business, and will ultimately guide the company on its quest to join the data-driven market.

Current Analytics Assessment

In order to pinpoint exactly where your business would most benefit from leveraging its critical organizational data, we conduct a meticulous assessment of your current analytics capabilities and how they inform your decision-making.


We institute a reinvigorated, data-driven culture inside your organization by empowering team members from every corner of your business and emphasizing the unlocked value that can be unearthed from the vast amounts of data at your disposal.

Analytics Education

One of the most vital components of our customized solution is educating your firm’s business and technical teams on everything they need to know about the analytics framework, closing the gap between our valuable use case and technical implementation in the real world.


At PARC, we hold a steadfast belief that the analytics strategy we craft for your company must embrace transparency, and be built on top of a quality foundation of accurate data that has been efficiently governed.

Meaningful Insights

Our team equips you with indispensable tools that will help your organization not only efficiently coordinate an overarching data infrastructure, but also lucratively dissect and review the impactful data that had previously been disregarded to create real-time actionable insights.

Technical Advice and Implementation Oversight

There is tremendous potential hiding within the seemingly endless streams of incoming data your firm is gathering, and it’s just waiting to be unleashed. Before your company will be able to effectively convert that knowledge into action, however, every human component of the organization’s new analytics framework needs to be effectively engaged and guided forward.

Beginning with establishing an enterprise-wide understanding that data is critical to the success of how your business competes in the marketplace, PARC helps put together a tailored analytics solution while also providing targeted, multifaceted training and education to everyone within your organization that plays a part in your new data analytics paradigm.

Technical Solution Selection

We collaborate directly with you to select the ideal combination of tools that would best satisfy your organization’s current needs and expand its data analytics capabilities, while maintaining a sensible price point.

Technical Training

Our goal is to ensure that the ultimate users of your new analytics framework are properly trained on the technical solutions we implement, on top of providing your entire company with a solid foundational knowledge on the importance of leveraging its valuable information assets.

Implementation Oversight

We make sure that each new technology we introduce is properly positioned within your overall analytics framework, guaranteeing that every component satisfies our commitment to a data strategy based on trustworthy, actionable data that can leveraged in real-time.


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