Data Governance

Governance Strategy

In recent years, the amount of data that businesses generate, collect and analyze has skyrocketed. But, with ever-increasing data volumes, coming from a growing number of sources, organizations have struggled to properly manage and protect these valuable informational assets – which are critical to the success of their business.

Quality, trustworthiness, and lineage have been casualties of this data explosion, as many firms have failed to enact an effective data governance program. PARC enables organizations to take advantage of today’s data boom and fully leverage their company’s increasingly complex data, all while maintaining comprehensive governance standards and allowing businesses to rest assured that their data is consistent, reliable and easily accessible.


Our priority is to establish a clear strategic vision for your company and communicate this mission across the entire organization, ensuring that all stakeholders understand their individual roles in achieving a successful data governance framework across the whole enterprise.

Gap Analysis

We assess the current condition of your organization’s data governance standards through a rigorous data quality assessment, then determine optimal areas of improvement by focusing on avenues that hold the highest potential for return on investment.


Our team will help you implement a system that enables you to monitor, with transparent metrics, the overall strength of your organization’s data management efforts and to follow the progress your company has made toward effectively handling these valuable assets.

Master Data Management

As this worldwide surge in data continues to escalate, successfully managing it has become an increasingly vital – and complex – endeavor. This applies equally to master data, which plays a crucial role in any organization’s effective analysis and reporting of the valuable information they are constantly gathering. For this very reason, it’s essential that businesses implement a top-to-bottom strategy that strengthens the integrity of their master data, ensuring it is accurate and complete. Moreover, it’s just as important to make sure that master data can be efficiently updated using the proper controls and oversight.

Here at PARC, we specialize in designing Master Data Management (MDM) systems that provide the consistency, flexibility and reliability that’s needed to best leverage your critical organizational data.

Change Management

Our team crafts forward-thinking MDM strategies that allow actors at every level of an organization to efficiently update master data in a secure, streamlined fashion – while maintaining proper levels of oversight and controls that won’t risk slowing your business down.

Data Quality

We make certain that our partners’ master data is precise at every stage of its lifecycle, leveraging automation technology to establish end-to-end clarity and transparency across the entire organization.

Data Stewardship

When PARC partners with your organization, we will ensure that the proper ownership and responsiblities are part and parcel of the overall master data management strategy so that there are no gaps of oversight.

Hierarchy Management

We utilize the most efficient techniques to handle the numerous inflows of information that are funneled into each domain of your organization, whether it be customer records, product information, site info or location data, strengthening your analytics strategy with effective cross-dimensional reporting.


At every turn, we capture and record any alteration to your master data, guaranteeing a transparent and verifiable blueprint of your data management processes.

Reference Data Management

We seamlessly automate the collection and integration of external reference data with your internally-managed master data, ensuring cohesion across the entire enterprise.

Metadata Management

With the proliferation of data systems, data lakes, data warehouses, streaming systems, and a host of other by-products that have surfaced as a result of our increasingly data-driven world, a robust metadata management strategy has become imperative for any organization that wishes to effectively carry out a successful data and analytics program.

Metadata Capture

It’s our mission to provide you with solutions that make it easy to capture all relevant metadata from the various disjointed data systems that characterize every modern multi-department organization.

Data Lineage

We make it easy for your organization to track the entire journey of your valuable data assets, enabling you to follow every piece of information from the moment of ingestion to the resulting publication – all in a logical manner that’s best-suited to the unique needs of your business.

Data Glossary

We will help your organization develop a dynamic data dictionary that equips your organization with the tools to uniformly govern its various data systems in an automated and transparent fashion.


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