PARC’s EPM Assessment Provides a Roadmap to Your Future

Considering an on-premises upgrade? A move to the cloud? Your first EPM implementation? Regardless of your organization’s experience level with the Oracle EPM suite, it is important to assess how the tools align with your corporate strategy. This activity is crucial for those companies that are launching a new project.  PARC’s Strategic Assessment service, the PARCway Roadmap, provides recommendations and a prioritized roadmap for your unique circumstances. In this increasingly competitive world companies need to use their resources wisely. PARC’s team can provide you with the insight to arrive at the right answers for YOUR organization.  PARC provides a clear, concise overview of your current landscape and the steps to take to arrive at where you want to be.

Choices within the Enterprise Performance Management marketplace have increased dramatically. The proliferation of EPM products and platforms can be daunting. In order to winnow through these options, you need to be able to answer questions such as:

  • Should you upgrade to a new version or move to the cloud?
  • Which projects will provide the biggest benefit?
  • Which processes within your company should be included in your Performance Management portfolio?
  • How do these EPM projects align with your overall corporate approach?

This is where the PARCway Roadmap comes in.  With decades of experience, our team has the knowledge to align your organization’s strategic direction with an EPM roadmap.

The initial step along the PARCway Roadmap is education. PARC’s senior architects will provide your team with an individualized view of the current and near-future technology to enable your business processes. Our real-world experience is supplemented by industry research such as Gartner. PARC will inform across topics including:

  • Moving to the Cloud
  • Hosting vs Owning
  • Managed Services
  • Technical architecture.

These sessions are tailored to your company’s current stage of education around the EPM landscape.

The next component of the PARCway Roadmap is to complete an assessment of your current environment. The scope of this process is determined by your needs. Typical assessments will include a range of topics such as:

  • Current financial systems inventory
  • Strategic visioning sessions for desired EPM capability
  • Best practice evaluation
  • Integration of information across all platforms – from operational systems through analytics
  • Inter-departmental information flow

The PARC team will work closely with you to identify opportunities to increase value and reduce bottlenecks within the landscape.

At the completion of the project, the PARC team will provide you with the roadmap for your EPM portfolio. Included are:

  • A gap analysis between the current and the desired EPM environment
  • A high-level timeline listing the necessary steps to reach the desired future state
  • A prioritized matrix of initiatives balancing functionality against time to complete
  • Identification of quick wins, medium term, and long term achievable goals

Some of our clients have optionally requested that PARC provide a functional prototype of the proposed solution. This includes a tangible sample of the models to pave the way to functional business community buy-in and support. This prototype serves as the launch point for a fully functional product.

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