Four Great Tools for Project Management

What good is having world-class talent without the proper tools to keep them organized and on task? Thankfully, there are many great project management tools available to help the otherwise time-crunched manager do just that. Here are some of our favorites and how they can help keep your team:


Jira is a full-fledged project management platform favored among large corporations and small businesses alike, this product affords a suite of tools for a number of different management methodologies. One such tool is their scrum board, catered towards helping agile teams reach their goals during their coordinated sprints. Further, they also offer an excellent agile reporting tool to make it easy for project managers to understand where their team is in terms of completing their various tasks.

The project management tools offered through Jira also provide a suite of ways for teams, not following agile methodology, to follow each other’s progress and come up with their own ways of shaping the platform to work for them in getting their projects across the finish line.

Code Version Control with Github

Github is a platform that makes using the Git version control system incredibly easy and straightforward — especially when compared to some of the more cumbersome alternatives. Having a version control system is an absolute must for companies which require multiple team members to maintain a custom codebase. Without a solid version control system and workflow in place, teams risk writing over other people’s code with every code change or are forced to come up with far less fluid ways to collaborate with each other on similar tasks.

What’s more, Github is superior to other Git implementation version control systems because of how popular it is among developers. By hosting your non-sensitive pieces of code in a publicly available repository on Github, you stand to benefit from the thousands of eager coders who are more than happy to contribute to your code base for free.

The main drawbacks to using Github have more to do with Git itself and are part of almost every worthwhile code version control system. However, since Git has been around for quite some time there is incredibly helpful documentation available on how to solve just about every problem.

Keeping up Team Communication with Slack

Slack is a very lightweight chatting application enabling team members to easily message each other and is especially valuable for teams  relying heavily on remote workers. The application is easily integrated with other project management tools — such as Github or Jira — to streamline otherwise tedious processes.

One of the most used and cherished functions of Slack is the ability for team members to create custom Slack channels about specific topics or for certain group members. In practice, this is commonly used for team members to create slack channels completely  unrelated to work — such as a channel for memes or other content which helps teams become more cohesive and connected.

Team Communication within the Jira Family with Hipchat

A popular alternative to Slack is Atlassian’s Hipchat software. In many ways, it serves many of the same functions as Slack, but through a slightly different interface. Even though Slack can be integrated with many other tools, the biggest reason a team would choose Hipchat over Slack is the ease of integration with other popular Atlassian products — such as their version control system, Bitbucket, or their very capable and popular Jira project management software.

If you would like to know more about how your team could be helped with project management tools, tips, and advice, please feel free to contact us.

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