Core Competencies


Contract staffing is work delivered by consultants, who engage and perform like full-time employees, allowing you to flex your workforce and meet peak demands without hiring. Contract services are useful  to fill in for a leave of absence, long-term vacation, maternity leave, projects, etc.


A “try before you buy” solution allowing you to work with the candidate on a temporary basis before making a full-time hiring decision. PARC assumes the full burden of proficiently recruiting, evaluating, screening, interviewing, hiring and managing your candidate. After a pre-determined period of time you have the option to offer the candidate a full-time, internal position with absolutely no conversion fee.

Direct Hire

Allow our friendly, talented recruiters to use their knowledge and expertise to search and screen candidates for your internal, full-time positions. You don’t have to worry about paying for ads, wasting valuable time reviewing resumes, or trying to search for and contact passive candidates.

Executive Search

Our specialized search group can manage the confidential process of recruiting elite candidates to fill the senior executive positions in your organization.

Project Services

PARC can provide entire project teams. These teams can work on a fixed fee, deliverables based, or time & materials basis.


PARC assumes all payroll and insurance responsibilities, including workers compensation and unemployment premiums, giving you maximum flexibility, efficiency and minimal paperwork.

On-Premise Recruiting

A comprehensive talent fulfillment program delivered through a dedicated service team located on premise at your facility. We will customize every facet of the program from sourcing, screening and employee relationship management to invoicing, reporting and service level management to ensure alignment with your company’s unique perceptions of quality, culture and business goals.

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Our team of senior level IT experts is what separates us from the rest.  We understand how important your IT projects are and will deliver exactly what you or your business needs.

PARC does a great job managing difficult projects, keeps their word, and delivers on-time. It was a real pleasure working with PARC, and would do so again without hesitation.

John Haller