Managed Services – Part 2

IT Support of the Modern Day: Managed Services vs Break-Fix

Keeping technologies running smoothly requires constant, experienced attention and the availability of a skilled staff.

In the past, support was essentially break-fix. When a company experienced a technological outage, they contacted their maintenance provider who came to the rescue. Notice, “maintenance provider.” They were not support, but repairmen.

Eventually, break-fix support did evolve, slightly. Automated processes and procedures were developed and periodically executed against existing infrastructures to monitor and review system performance. The question remains, “What if a problem occurs after the testing?”

This brings us to an important point: the technician is still just one person. With time being limited and consulting hours expensive, the technician’s time is crucial to the company. However, he is often pulled into end-user problems, or is required to support critical projects, and does not get an opportunity to address any major warnings.

Here is where Managed Services comes in.

An enterprise operating in a managed services mindset focuses on the identification of issues before employees, clients and production are impacted. Managed Services fills in the gap, reducing down-time, loss of revenue and even integrity.  Outside of immediately impacted revenues, any negative comment in this connected world can greatly impact potential business and growth. As with your systems, it is better to prevent fires than fight them.

Our Verint support team has the capability to provide a broad spectrum of coverage options, providing your functional and technical teams peace of mind.  Contact us today!

Managed Services

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