Managed Services – Part 3

Benefits of Managed Services

Managed Services offers a great deal of benefits, with the most apparent being proactive discovery and resolution of problems before they can impact your business.

Cost: Most managed service offerings are on a contractual, flat fee pricing system. This allows you to set a predictable budget at a lower cost than traditional IT support. As noted by Market and Markets research“Managed services use in enterprises has almost doubled in less than a year and cuts IT costs by as much as 40% while doubling operational efficiency.”

Availability, Monitoring, Operational Efficiency and SLAs: Understanding that managed services is not a break-fix solution is of immense importance. Managed services is an “always-eyes-on,” 24/7/365 support model. When users and agents work around the clock, so must the network.  With our experienced, dedicated engineers and specialized processes, you can be sure of continuity of service.

Expertise and Your Staffing: In a general sense, IT departments are stretched relatively thin, often running a skeleton crew from 9-5, while running a single on-call rotation to support dozens of clients at once. They are over-worked and burnt out. In utilizing our expertise, you do not need increased staff or expensive training and frees up your highly valuable resources for internal innovation.

Removing the IT Burden: Today, there are so many technology audits, it can make your head spin. Keeping systems current, secure and certified can be a rather tedious measure. At PARC Consulting, we understand these requirements and can provide the systems, support, processes and reports so your focus can be on your business and not the technology. Our Managed Services team will take full ownership of your environments, infrastructure and systems including patching, upgrading, supporting, security and monitoring to remove the IT burden from your team.

Flexible Support Plans: Managed Service plans are available in scalable sizes and customized to your needs.

Managed Services is Available to Your Business

All businesses need technology to evolve, operate, and compete efficiently. In many businesses, IT support can become limited and overwhelmed rather quickly. With a cost effective managed services solution, you can take that burden off the company and put yourself in a position for growth and development.

Our Verint support team has the capability to provide a broad spectrum of customizable coverage options, providing your functional and technical teams peace of mind.  Contact us today!

Managed Services

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