Oracle EPM Cloud Update – Sep’21 (21.09)

Posted by: PARC’s Oracle EPM Team

Each month PARC analyzes Oracle’s EPM Cloud updates with an eye toward our customers’ ability to take full advantage of them. The monthly updates include things like bug fixes, modest changes, and even powerful new functionality. This update is part of PARC’s service to its valued customers and is centered around changes to the products and technologies most impacted in their implementations.


The below changes are scheduled to take place during the first nightly maintenance period after 2AM ET on Saturday Sept 4, 2021 (test environments) and on or after 2AM ET on Saturday, Sept 18, 2021 (production environments).

Customers needing more information or with questions about any of the changes summarized below should contact us. Oracle’s web page for the full contents of the update can be found here:

Oracle EPM Cloud Update – September 2021

EPM Cloud Common

New Version of EPM Automate

This version introduces the exportDataManagement and importDataManagement commands and contains changes to the getDailyMaintenanceStartTime and setDailyMaintenanceStartTime commands. This version also includes some security enhancements that affect the installation and upgrade of EPM Automate and access to the .prefs file. Additionally, the Working with EPM Automate for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud guide has been enhanced with a sample script to clone EPM Cloud environments.

For more information on these updates see the URL above.


New setting for Shared Member Drill Down to all levels in Base Dimension

The new “Drill to All Levels in Base” option in Application Settings when using ad hoc in Standard mode allows the “drill down on shared members” feature to drill beyond just the shared members, into the base hierarchy for that shared member as well. This feature is only available when the Smart View Ad Hoc Behavior option is set to Standard.


Support for both Books and Bursting Definition Output to Static Excel from Web

You can now download Books to static (non-refreshable) Excel spreadsheet, while previewing them on the web or when executing a bursting definition containing a book.

Only Reports are included in the Excel output. If the book contains Word or PDF documents, or inserted Books, they will not be included in the Excel output.


Reports MemberProperty text function enhanced to return a specified UDA

The MemberProperty text function is used to display a specified member’s property, such as associated attributes, UDAs, etc. Previously, the MemberProperty text function displayed all UDAs associated with a member. Now you can index specific UDAs to be displayed via an optional numerical parameter.


New Snapshot export and import features in Data Management

EPM Cloud customers now have access to new snapshot export and import tools available in Data Management. These tools provide customers with backup and recovery options of their setup and historical data. A snapshot is a replica of a target table from a single point in time.

New snapshot export and import options enable you to:

  • Backup historical data for auditing before deletion.
  • Recreate an environment without losing the import.
  • Provide a snapshot of imported data to test a target instance.
  • Include data in a daily snapshot for backing up.


New Period Mapping option in Data Integration

A Period Mapping option is now available in Data Integration. The Period Mapping option shares the existing functionality of Period Mapping in Data Management and enhances your experience with a more modern look-and-feel and responsive design.


New POV Period option in Data Integration

A new POV Period option enables you to select and save the POV period used when running an integration. If no POV period is selected, then the system defaults to the last used period based on browser cache. The new option is available on the Home page in Data Integrations.


Cleanup Orphan Report Objects

A new menu item, “Cleanup Orphan Report Objects,” is now available in Financial Reporting Web Studio. When you select this option, any report objects not associated with a data source are deleted from the repository. Note that this action cannot be undone. Once completed, a list of deleted objects is displayed and registered in the Financial Reporting logs.


Other Important Notices

Secured URLs only in Logo and Background Images

Starting with the November 2021 update (21.11), only secured URLs will be supported within the Logo Image and Background Image settings in the Appearance page in EPM Cloud.


Setting Dashboard or Infolet as Default Page

Starting with the November 2021 update (21.11), in the interest of better and consistent user interaction, you will no longer be able to set a dashboard or infolet as the default page within the listing page. When these settings are enabled, the default dashboard or infolet opens in place of the listing page.


Restrictions to Copy Version Functionality

Based on feedback from several customers due to its inherent data corruption risks, we plan to restrict the ‘Copy Version’ functionality in EPM Cloud platform (Planning, Financial Consolidation and Close, Tax Reporting) to be exposed only to administrators. Starting in October 2021, ‘Copy Version’ functionality will not be available to Power Users and Users.


Smart View Add-on Installation for Task Manager and Supplemental Data Manager

In a future update, the installation of Smart View add-ons for Task Manager and Supplemental Data Manager will change. At that time, users of the Smart View add-ons will need to uninstall and re-install their add-ons to take advantage of the latest features and fixes.

Author: PARC Oracle EPM Team
PARC's expert Oracle EPM team includes: Steven Cranford, Tom Stehura, Luis Castillo

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PARC's expert Oracle EPM team includes:
Steven Cranford,
Tom Stehura,
Luis Castillo

+ posts

PARC's expert Oracle EPM team includes:
Steven Cranford,
Tom Stehura,
Luis Castillo