Oracle Mission


Our mission is simple, to be your trusted partner in business… no exceptions. Our main goal is customer satisfaction and we plan on delivering on that by being with you every step of the way; before, during, and after any project. As part of this, every project will be assigned a project sponsor from the PARC management team.

Oracle Gold Partner Cloud Standard

Who We Are

PARC is a group of highly skilled Oracle Hyperion EPM consultants and management. If a new individual in the Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) field can be labeled a novice, then our team are truly the experts. Our leadership team has been involved with EPM projects, at every level, for well over 20 years. Every management resource has been involved in literally hundreds of successful implementations from initially working with clients to understand the correct product fit and delivery method to training and delivery of small to enterprise projects. Every Management team member will be able to discuss your needs and architect a solution for you and your team members that would be considered best in class.

Value Statement

Our culture is driven by one thing, the success of our clients. Our view of success is to deliver projects as flawlessly as they can be. That flawless delivery is driven by our dedicated and highly experienced team. When all of these come together we are measured on the strength of our trusted partnerships with our clients. Once you start a successful project with us, you are part of the PARC family and will realize what that means when our team is with you every step of the way.

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