PARC Moments

PARC Moments

A great opportunity to network, learn, exhibit, and engage an industry has concluded in Orlando; The Engage Conference hosted by Verint.

An Engage 2019 Recap

Whether you are a company executive or an analyst, there were partners and customers to directly engage with. I was able to engage with various engineers and directors in candid conference to understand and offer input to how they use Verint’s vast supply of innovative technology. What a humbling experience; The trials and late nights did not go in vain, we were able to save someone the hassles.

The event itself was highlighted by Verint’s innovative capabilities and Keynote Speaker, Dan Heath. Implementing automation into Workforce Engagement, Self Service, Voice of the Customer, and Fraud & Compliance were heard in every corner as various business executives entered stage right to share their stories and solutions.

Then, enter Dan Heath. Dan and his brother Chip are New York Times best sellers with their recent collaboration called, “The Power of Moments.” Do you recall what you ate yesterday? If it was just another day, probably not. If it was a glorious meal where the server wore a smile and made you laugh, you probably remember it. Moments are crucial in relations and are what people remember; not the redundancy of life. Dan explains in vast detail providing projections, stories, and examples of “moments;” Most notably the five year old’s perfect day, Southwest Airlines, and a new hire’s first day at John Deer. I highly recommend reading their book, “The Power of Moments“, as it completely changed my perspective of CX.

  • Oracle EPM Cloud Update – Jan’22 (22.01)

    These Oracle EPM updates are scheduled to take place during the first nightly maintenance period on or after 2AM ET on Saturday Jan 8, 2022 (test environments) and on or after 2AM ET on Saturday, Jan 22, 2022 (production environments)

    January 7, 2022
  • Oracle EPM Cloud Update – Dec’21 (21.12)

    These Oracle EPM updates are scheduled to take place during the first nightly maintenance period on or after 2AM ET on Saturday Dec 3, 2021 (test environments) and on or after 2AM ET on Saturday, Dec 17, 2021 (production environments).

    December 2, 2021
  • Oracle EPM Cloud Update – Nov’21 (21.11)

    These Oracle EPM updates are scheduled to take place during the first nightly maintenance period on or after 2AM ET on Saturday Nov 5, 2021 (test environments) and on or after 2AM ET on Saturday, Nov 19, 2021 (production environments).

    November 3, 2021
  • Block Creation in Essbase – Part 2

    The previous post ended with a discussion on using DATACOPY to create blocks. I stated that it was my preferred method of making sure the right blocks were created for use. However, we may run into a situation requiring an “IF” test to determine when we create the blocks. In this situation, we cannot use DATACOPY as it is not syntactically valid inside an IF test.

    October 22, 2021


Verint managed services conference with Richard Pepe
Richard Pepe attends and exhibits at the Verint managed services conference.

For PARC Consulting, this year was different. PARC Consulting has had a presence at consecutive Engage Conferences, but this year we were a sponsor and partner. Upon arrival to the conference, PARC Consulting principals, Rich Pepe and James Kromer, attended the pre-conference partner meetings and dinners. Contacts were made, hands were shaken, and business laughter filled the room.

PARC Consulting was honored to host a kiosk in the engagement hall. Rich, James, and I (Daniel) had a great time speaking, joking, and simply connecting with all who walked up or even passed our kiosk. Technical discussions, company overview, and one-liners spilled for the rest of the week.

Rich, the strong, not silent type, was pulled aside in the hallway by the hilarious #29ers photographers and videographer crew to share his thoughts on why the Engage Conference is a great investment. His response:

“You find out a great deal about what you are expected to support and you’re going to hear candid conversation from the customers as to what they need, what they are looking for, what’s working, and what’s not.”

-Richard Pepe

Well said, Rich- to see the video, click here.

Empower Your Business Support Through Managed Services

The real climax of our conference presence was at the session, “Empowering Your Business Support Through Managed Services” hosted by yours truly, Daniel Jackson, Rich Pepe, and James Kromer.

While having lunch one day at the conference, I was asked during the glamourous table talk, “why would you do an entire break out session on managed services?” At first, it seemed like an odd conversation starter, I mean to put someone’s hard work on display like that, however it was a great question. The answer is in my experience and tenure as an industry professional, it was obvious the perception of managed services was not accurate and we want to change that.

PARC Consulting’s goal was to clarify to the industry what managed services is and has to offer: A beneficial and standing presence to the success of your company’s business support. How though? PARC Consulting takes those technological burdens off your already stressed and skeleton team and allows them to invest efforts into innovation allowing business empowerment.

Wednesday, May 26th at 1:45 PM rolls around, the lights dim, the projector beams its lumens onto the screen, and we begin.

“Welcome to Empower Your Business Support Through Managed Services”

Starting with a brief background of the company and ourselves, we jumped right into our discussion. What does “Empower Your Business” mean? It means you may rest easy knowing your company and technology assets are in great hands with PARC Consulting. Administration, Reporting & Analytics, as well as our “Proactive; Not Reactive” technology support. With our expertise in the systems, we resolve, performance tune, perform routine health checks, monitor, and have custom scripting which enables viewability into system functionality. The correct managed services partner has a domino effect on your business; Each benefit of managed services feeds another.

Verint managed services functionality
Verint managed services functionality shown with a clear and concise chart.

That is how managed services allows you to “Empower Your Business.”

The breakout session went fantastic! Engaging, relaxed, concise, and effective. Our audience was keened in, asking questions, making comments, and glad to have given their time to us. It took an extra 15 minutes to get everyone out of the room for the next speaker, everyone wanted more information, contact details, business cards… What a success in my book.

Stay Dry

The Engage Conference is always a great networking event and Verint strives to always give its partners and customers a special Customer Appreciation Party. A sectioned off part of SeaWorld awaited us this year. The Manta and The Kraken with its 150ft drop in Orlando’s only floorless, steel rollercoaster awaited in the depths as you run through the lack of a line. Ride once, ride repeatedly, ride nonstop!

It is Florida and it is hot, luckily enough, Verint had made the refreshment of your choice available and for the low cost of 10 minutes in line. While waiting for my compadre to grab a refreshment, I wandered off and found a comic artist who was such a great character. Funny by nature but even better making others laugh at themselves. I think there is a rather genuine resemblance.

Outside fun at the Verint managed services conference
Outside fun at the Verint managed services conference.

James took over the basketball games by creating an enjoyable, pleasant competition. With $20 on the line, analysts, directors, and VPs all lined up to “put up or shut up; best of 6 shots wins the $20.” Friends and new friends alike, we all connected and played for hours… until Jim pulled a ringer and made 4 in row!

I wandered off again making my way all the way to Antarctica! Through the penguin habitat and into the bitter 35-degree temperatures, the penguins dove and swam through the water as if they were a torpedo fired by a submarine. In the least likely of all places, I ran into a gentleman from the East Coast with whom discussed industry technologies and interesting ways of using them for over forty-five minutes.

Engage is always a great opportunity to network and get the latest on the industry. Verint truly does a fantastic job in representing themselves and the company as they host this yearly event.

PARC Consulting understands all businesses need technology to evolve, operate, and compete. With our managed services offerings, you are able to empower your business. Connect with us now to see what we can do for you!

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