Reasons why a security clearance is vital to your IT job

At first, a security clearance can appear to be a tedious and obtrusive process that is simply another certification.  However, security clearance is not only an opportunity opener it is a gateway to more secure and advanced employment.

Here are a few important things to know:

Who can apply?

When sponsored by cleared contractor or government agency, all US citizens can apply.

How long does it last?

It varies by level.  For the lowest level, confidential, the clearance lasts 15 years.  For Secret, it lasts 10 and for Top Secret clearance remains active for 5 years.  This process may take some time, so often interim clearance is granted.

What does this mean for employment?

Clearance workers are highly desirable to employers.  According to the New York Times the pool of jobs which require clearance is in the thousands per month.  With a limited pool, employers are eager to onboard and retain those with this skill.

What jobs are available?

Jobs that require clearance vary wildly in the industry, just like many other IT jobs.  What is known is that the job satisfaction of those with security clearance is extremely high.

How much more can one make?

It can vary depending on the industry.  The highest level of security clearance in the right industry can automatically represent a pay increase of nearly 13%.  For some jobs, the pay raise is over 35% more than the average pay for someone without clearance.

Is now a good time?

Absolutely!  With thousands retiring from the federal workforce in the next few years the number of employees needed will grow exponentially very quickly.

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