Cloud MobilityKeep Your Mobile Technology Safe And Secure With CompleteCloud

Imagine the value of running CAD applications from the field! Bankers and Asset Managers have the capability to work from a remote setting with complete security.

Do you have access to the Internet? Then you can access your computer, even run your CAD applications. And all your data resides in SSAE 18 redundant data centers, your business has full mobility.

Collaboration and Efficiency with Lower Cost and Higher Employee Satisfaction

Mobility is an essential way to remain connected with your team and be productive wherever you are. This gives users the capability to access network data from remote locations or the office. As companies begin to embrace mobility, they are discovering it has many additional benefits beyond productivity:

  • Lower overhead as workers no longer require expensive office space
  • Larger talent pool because you can hire from anywhere
  • Lower cost of hiring as relocation is no longer required
  • High value low cost benefit of flexible work schedules

You get support from the industry’s leading expert in mobility management. We are certified specialists with safety at the forefront of our priority list. Our CompleteCloud solution is much more than a hybrid service; it offers mobility like never before, protected by the most secure private cloud environment in the country.

VIP Mobility Services Any Time, Any Place

We’ve developed a mobility management program making remote access a reality for any business. With our CompleteCloud utility model, users are able to access data from anywhere, with a solution optimized for all devices:

  • Desktops
  • Tablets
  • Android and Apple Phones

With internet access, you can run your operations from anywhere with complete security. With no data stored locally on devices, there is no threat of losing company data if a device is lost or stolen.

Additional CompleteCloud Services

USA-Based 24×7 Support

Every company wants to drive down cost while increasing revenue and profits, we get that. PARC and Avatara are committed to delivering the highest quality customer support possible, with resources who understand your environment and our American culture. We won’t cause you grief just to save a few bucks.

Unlimited Storage

Eliminate the need to purchase more space in the cloud with unlimited cloud storage to house all of your data in one, centralized location. Our unlimited data solution gives businesses the ability to customize their online storage plan for a cost-effective answer to scalability, without the cost of having to purchase new servers.

Cloud Collaboration

With our extensive knowledge and all-inclusive, end-to-end solution, you can count on us to serve your network and business with the support it needs to keep your business working seamlessly. We help companies keep their virtual environments well-managed to ensure their workstations are always running at peak performance.

Cloud Backup

A disaster, natural or man-made, can cause significant damage to your network and wipe away some of your most important data. This is the lifeblood of most business operations and without this information in place, your company will suffer. Disasters can strike at any time, but don’t panic. We have your back.

Cloud Desktop

CompleteCloud offers a wide variety of desktop options. Our flexible solutions include a private cloud IT infrastructure and a robust cloud desktop. We ensure our clients are supplied with an effective cloud solution which streamlines their IT management and keeps their important data protected.

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