Top 5 Reasons Your Hiring Process is Failing

Recruiting and hiring the right talent is one of the most important aspects of any IT department. It’s crucial to hire professionals who not only have the technical skills and qualifications, but fit into the company culture. If your department is struggling to find qualified candidates, find out if you’re making one of these top 5 hiring mistakes.

  1. Hiring people you already know

Helping out a friend, family member or former colleague might seem like a good idea, but in most cases it just doesn’t work out. If you think someone you know, especially a friend or family member, would actually be a good fit for the position, have somebody else handle the interview and hiring process. Make it clear to the hiring manager that your friend or family member should be hired based on qualifications, not just because of your relationship. Distancing yourself from a personal relationship at work will help smooth the transition from a personal to a work relationship.

  1. Poor or incomplete job description

A Job description, is your first impression to a prospective candidate. If you’re struggling to find candidates with all the credentials you desire, then most likely the job description is incomplete. Do you require a technical degree, certifications, and specific work experience – make sure all pertinent information is included. Does your company put emphasis on culture and go on fun trips together? This information is important and says a tremendous amount about who you are as an organization, and is crucial to incorporate. You want the job descriotion to complete representation of your department and company, this will increase the talent pool and lead to more qualified job candidates.

  1. Outdated application process

Today’s candidates, don’t want to waste time with an inefficient application process. Spend money upfront to streamline the application process, making it easily accessible and more efficient to upload documents and submit applications. You’ll lose out on qualified professionals and significantly lower the amount of talent in your candidate pool if your application process is outdated.

  1. Not enough interviews

You can get a decent feel for a candidate after one interview; however, you should never offer a position based on the first impression alone. Most companies run a candidate through three interviews: a phone screening, a meeting with the hiring manager, and a panel dialog. By the end of the process, you’ll have several people to confer with to make an informed decision. This spends time and money upfront, but you’ll end up with a higher retention rate of professional hires. 

  1. Lack of a thorough vetting process

It’s common practice to run pre-employment and drug screening on candidates after the final interviewyou’re your company is skipping this step, reconsider. This cost is minimal, and it  will save a substantial amount of time and money. Take this preventive measure, and it will save you from extending an offer to the wrong candidate.

Note that pre-employment screening is different from running a background check. Before you screening job applicants, following the federal laws on how to utlize the information. The EEOC has a thorough explanation of what you can and cannot do as an employer.

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