Top 6 Job Search Trends for 2018

For those seeking a career in IT, it can often be difficult to find the right fit for your talents or choose the right niche to specialize in. The IT sector is expanding at an incredibly fast rate and there is a tremendous demand for IT professionals.

There are trends for 2018 that will help guide your career journey and provide insight on what companies are looking for when considering their next IT hire.

1) Increased demand for cybersecurity professionals

It should come as no surprise there is an increased demand for cybersecurity professionals, despite the massive shortage of talent.

Considering the increased amount of data breaches and hacks over the last few years, companies are progressively seeking cyber professionals to keep pertinent information safe. Cultivating skills and talents within cybersecurity will be a great asset while seeking employment this year, so demonstrate those skills well on a resume.

2) Unconventional methods of communication

Traditionally, email and phones have been the dominant forces for companies to communicate with candidates, but that is fast changing. Text messaging has taken on a stronger role as a quick way to reach out when scheduling and coordinating meetings and interviews, and that will continue to increase.

This also means an increased focus on connectivity and responsiveness. Make sure candidates must ensure are regularly engaged and reached via text message.

3) The search for diversity

Companies are constantly seeking a diverse talent pool, and that is not likely to change in 2018. There is now an increased effort to include minorities and women in the IT world as it continues to globalize. Diverse talent with bilingual abilities will be of more interest as they carve out a global presence. It is absolutely essential to highlight these qualities on resumes, to differentiate yourself from the competition.

4) Easing the online job application process

The online job application process has long been a convoluted and complicated for candidates, companies steadily changing in 2018. An increasing number of companies are focusing their efforts on easing the application process, and working to improve the overall candidate application experience.

5) Working with the right recruiters

As a potential job-seeker, it is absolutely essential to work with the right recruiters . As the number of applications for each job increase, many companies establish relationships with staffing companied to vet the perfect candidate.

Current statistics show that 25% of candidates seem utilize a recruiter while seeking employment. Working with the right recruiters will ensure that you are placed in a job that is best suited for your skill set and provides the opportunity for career growth.

6) Social media as a recruiting tool

Companies are always looking at new ways to communicate and recruit in the new year, as they eschew more traditional methods in their quest to find the right talent. Social networking sites such as LinkedIn will remain a strong tool when it comes to recruitment, but companies are also leveraging other social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook to grow their talent pool and find a diverse range of candidates in 2018.

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