What Organizations Need to Know about Recruiting Cybersecurity Professionals

The consequences of poor cybersecurity are far-reaching and long-lasting. It can take years for the compromised companies to win back the trust of their customers, and in many cases, trust is never fully restored. Falling victim to a security breach can also lead to serious legal consequences, from sanctions by governmental agencies to lawsuits from impacted customers.

There has never been a greater need for cybersecurity specialists.

Prevention is the Best Defense

When it comes to cybersecurity and data breaches, prevention is always the best defense. While having a solid action plan is critical, responding after-the-fact is far from ideal.

If you want to avoid becoming the latest cautionary cybersecurity tale, you need to build a team of IT professionals who can recognize weaknesses in your cyber defenses and make the right recommendations to implement a solid solution.

With permanent employment on the horizon, finding experienced cybersecurity experts is not an easy task. The elite professionals are gainfully employed and getting them to jump ship can be a real challenge.

The Problem of Recruiting

The percentage of cybersecurity professionals in IT is small in comparison; accompanied, with the increasing need for their services it’s created the perfect storm for business owners. What can organizations do to protect their digital assets? There are a number of different strategies.

One tried and true method for recruiting IT talent is the use of headhunters. Recruitment specialists know what to look for and have the resources needed to save you time and money.

In a full employment environment, headhunters often poach talent from companies If you want experienced cybersecurity professionals, offer incentives they find attractive. How do you differentiate from your competitors?

Utilize professional and mainstream social media platforms to reach a broad audience – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Etc. Expanding the search criteria allows hiring managers to reach a different audience and casual job seekers who are employed but looking for a better opportunity.

Last, but not least, business owners and decision makers working with community college and educational institutions to find cybersecurity expert. As the need increases, many educational organizations are offering courses in these critical areas.

Community colleges tend to be smaller than traditional universities, which allows them to be more responsive to hiring trends. Large corporations routinely work with community colleges to develop relevant courses. They regularly reach out to professors to find promising graduates for their upcoming IT staffing needs at a much lower cost.

Smaller companies use the same strategy, reaching out to community colleges and trade schools to find qualified cybersecurity experts. There are a number of benefits to this approach, as new graduates are knowledgeable about the latest threats and equipped with the skills to be successful.

The need for cybersecurity specialists has never been greater. If you want to assemble a team of cybersecurity professionals, who identify and respond to the latest threats take a look at your hiring strategy and implement change today.

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